Where to spend a beautiful holiday with your family?

Feel free to be here in the Czech Republic. I do not belong among those people who think that when holidays, and abroad and do not think that the surrounding states have a suggestion, because even with us there are a lot of beautiful places that are worth mentioning and where there is the opportunity to experience a beautiful family vacation and you do not have to throw away a lot of money for the ticket. As a little we rode for a holiday in Vranov, but I know that there are other good places.
Where to go?
Look at Mácha Lake accommodation. If you have children, it can be the right summer holiday, which can save you thousands of crowns and still enjoy a lot of fun. You don't have to spend thousands to experience your holiday as you wish. And if you have little children, they can also find interesting activities such as slides, etc. As a little I love to ride a toboggan or just jump into the water.