Parody of advertising

When you recently came home with one promotional bidding catalog with samples, you had to laugh from your lungs. You have not seen something so unprofessional for a long time, and you can say it honestly, for you yourself are a man of the industry, so you have a good assessment of such a thing. In short, it is not your reason to think that your prospective customers will reach out to buy something that comes to their inbox as a rag, without the avized bonuses that have been stolen by the distributors of the distribution company and in a state where goods are useful Directly into the trash, rather than putting it on your desk.
For stupid customers only
After all, if someone does not have the money or the will to cover the plastic envelope with his offered press, he cannot expect to receive the money from people who should become his customers. The only thing that will achieve this in the future is to do bad advertising, and even if the second time he distributes his advertising prints in a gold box, no one is so stupid to order from such a company. So money deposited into similar ads are downright thrown out of the window.