Mácha Lake Chalets

Do you love cycling? Then be sure to come and try Mácha's Lake huts. The surrounding area of Doks and old Splavy is a direct challenge for bike tours. Combining holiday and sport is the best thing you can do for yourself. So do not hesitate to book a cottage directly with us in the settlement Elite.

They attract tourists with their cycle paths, which are truly picturesque. So do not forget to take bicycles with you, you will definitely use them here and do something for your health. You will be surrounded by beautiful and romantic nature and you can improve your physical fitness. Don't hesitate and come to see that Mácha's Lake huts offer you much more.


It is very popular and many tourists can not praise this hobby connected with the calm soul of Mácha's Lake. There is a deep forest, interwoven with a whole network of paths and trails, and also very low-frequented roads. Visit the Lake Cottage and you will surely not regret it.