Cottage requiring adaptations

Your cottage in the mountains is no longer in the best condition and requires a variety of modifications. You have underestimated this for many years and there was no time. But if it has yet to serve, you need to finally focus on it to give it a bit or rather a little more to order. It would need a new roof, for example, and it would be advisable to do something with new roof windows. The mountain cottage, where the windows do not go, is not completely optimal. It's not comfortable and comfortable.
Recreational objects for year-round occupation
People are very much based on their recreational facilities. Many people also plan to spend their retirement on the cottage and leave the apartment to their children. However, this requires you to put the cottage in order so that it is comfortable to spend all the time all year round. Anyway, it's impeccable when a man doesn't have to live in the old town.